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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  September 11, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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customers are let back in their home and we relight the gas, we will complete a gas leak survey today. so for san bruno and the immediate area, we are developing a more comprehensive plan. that was pg&e speaking. emotions pour out. people in the san bruno fire zone confronted pg&e at a town hall meeting this afternoon. first, breaking news in the coverage of the explosion and the fire.
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federal officials will brief us in a couple of moments. we will go to them live. this is a look at the press conference that should begin any minute now. here is what we have learned so far. state and federal regulators have ranked the gas line that ruptured as high risk because it ran through a highly populated area we already knew one of the people who died in that blast was 44-year-old jacquelin greg who worked for the california public utilities commission. at the time of her death she was working on plans to upgrade another risky section of that same gas line 2 1/2 miles away. this new information raises several new questions of pg&e and federal regulators. we are working to get answers to those questions. we have new information tonight on the victims. investigators uncovered two more bodies in the rubble this afternoon. that brings the total number of people killed to six. nearly 60 others were injured
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and four are in critical condition tonight. the president sent his condolences today to the governor and we are waiting for this press conference to begin with federal regulators in san bruno. let's go to vicki wynn who was at the town hall this afternoon with residents and pg&e officials. >> reporter: packed at this meeting tonight. this was residents' first chance to get the answers to the questions they have as they begin this arduous process of getting back in their homes and rebuilding what is left. i will show you the video of st. roberts church. about 800 people or more really crowded the church. first up we now know residents will be allowed back into their homes tomorrow. we are told that will begin in stages noon tomorrow. people will be given wristbands and escorts. pg&e will be at every home to turn pilot lights back on and do
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a final safety check the location has not been announced. it will be posted tomorrow morning on the city's website and at a press briefing tomorrow morning. here is the caveat. people who live in 37 homes destroyed or the eight badly damaged, well, they will not be allowed back in. these are red tagged homes. that area is being closed for the time being. yellow tag homes, those homes suffered damage and not safe for people to stay in but people can retrieve belongings. for the green tagged homes, those homes are good to go. if residents are allowed back in they will be allowed to stay. pg&e was asked what exactly is this company doing to provide security and ensure safety. here is what a company spokesperson had to say. >> well, we want to know what will happen after this, you know. are they going to rebuild our
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house? i want to have a home for my family. >> we are well into the process of -- >> reporter: i'm going to summarize what the vice president of energy delivery said and that is ms. williams. she said pg&e by 9:00 tonight will finish inspecting all of the transmission lines that are safe to investigate. by tomorrow or the next day they expect to be able to expect every line that was in this neighborhood and they say what is more, they are going to now inspect the surrounding transmission lines, not only here but in san francisco. congressman jackie spear among the speakers. she received a call from president obama who said he is looking to do whatever he can for the residents of san bruno. what that is is still very unclear. there are no fema funds available to individual homeowners. that is up in the air.
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our local lawmakers are trying to secure funding for individual homeowners but that may not happen. one family that is anxious to know what resources will be sla available to them is the salinda family. >> reporter: they had to run for their lives when they heard the explosion thursday. leaving with the clothes on their back, their home is just across the street and a couple of houses down from where that pipeline exploded. ricardo salinda saw the flames, went out the back yard, ran through their neighbor's yard to escape the fast-moving flames. they say they are grateful to be alive. their main concern is their home. they have already filed a claim with their insurance company and came to the town hall meeting to find out what pg&e is going to do about this mess. >> i'm a little angry, actually. there is nothing you can do.
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things happen like that. they just have to assure us it is not going to happen again and they'll make everything right. they should make everything right. >> right here is the wreckage of our house. our house used to be right here. that is how it used to look on glen view. right now it is burned down completely. >> reporter: pretty amazing. they can see the wreckage, where their home used to be. their home is red tagged. the question is when will they be allowed back in to see what is left if there is anything left of their home. pg&e said if they are responsible for the fire and explosion they will be accountable to the families affected. the salindas one of hundreds of families looking for answers today, trying to understand what happened here and how to move forward. live in san bruno, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> we are going to take a live look at san bruno where we are
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waiting for a news conference by federal investigators to start. this is where the federal investigators will speak as soon as they are ready to talk to us. state and federal regulators were told had ranked the gas line that ruptured in san bruno as high risk. partly that was because it ran through a highly populated area. that is what we know so far. obviously, we want to get more answers. how much did they know about this gas pipeline and whether it had problems. we will take you live to this press conference with federal investigators as soon as it begins. stay with nbc bay area and for continuing coverage of the san bruno explosion. we will have more at 5:30 as well including more information from the press conference as soon as it begins we will take you to it live in the next five minutes or in the next 30 minutes. the key question everyone is asking, how could this possibly
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happen? we are constantly updating our website with new information and pictures such as the ones you see here. we have uncut video of damage and people affected by the explosion and fire. we will go back to that press conference as soon as it begins. in the meantime this just in. we have new information on the east bay killing spree. we are getting word that the coroner has identified the man found in a hercules home as 35-year-old sales. his father was found dead in that same house. detectives believe the son's body could have been in a pittsburgh land fill which they searched for days. police did not find the body earlier because someone had gone to great lengths to conceal it in a home. it was wrapped in cloth and shoved in the back of a curved
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closet. the man suspected of killing both men and two women was shot and killed by police. we will continue to cover the san bruno fire investigation and will bring you live information from the press conference as well. also today remembering the dead. people gather in spots throughout the bay area to honor the victims of september 11th. as we go through this saturday afternoon, live looking out from oakland to san francisco, a little bit of fog. we will talk about the week ahead. your sunday forecast is coming up. a press conference is supposed to to begin any minute with federal investigators to find out how this explosion happened in san bruno. we'll be right back. introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon.
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today is also the ninth anniversary of the september 11th attacks. events were held across this country and the bay area to remember all the victims. in union city motorcyclists road on behalf of the passengers on flight 93. flight 93 as you may remember took off from 9/11 from newark headed to san francisco. when passengers learned the plane had been hijacked they fought back and the plane crashed short of it target in a field of pennsylvania. the cross country motorcycle ride was part tribute and part fund-raiser. >> from a family member perspective it is great to see people remember this and to see people go out of their way, literally out of their way, to race funds for the memorial. >> after the union city event the riders traveled to san francisco international airport
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for a final ceremony. in mountain view the art and wine festival paused in honor of the victims of 9/11. there was a march through the center of the festival. all five branchs of the military were represents, army, air force, navy, marines and coast guard. they stood with community members for a moment of reflection. >> it revalidates why we need to defend our country. it shows that the american spirit is alive. it shows that we truly haven't forgotten. coming up, your full weather forecast is coming up next and we are still watching in san bruno waiting for the news conference to begin. we are toldt sdul begin in a few minutes. stay with us. [ son ] i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every week.
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we are back live at the news conversation where christopher hart the vice chairman of the national transportation safety board, federal regulators just approached the podium and just begun speaking. >> the purpose of the national transportation board and the reason we're here today is a federal agency to investigate transportation accidents of all types and then determine what caused those accidents and then make recommendations to try to prevent the accidents from occurring again. that is our purpose. that is what we're here for
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today. before i begin i would like to express on behalf of the ntsb condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this tragedy. leading the investigation is our investigator in charge, who is standing beside me. chattre. he has over 30 years of experience in pipelines. i'm a little bit short on information to provide to you because today was our first full day of investigation and we have not had the progress heating, the meeting in which i hear from all of the groups what they have accomplished. i can give you briefly what i understand has occurred so far. before i do that, i would like to emphasize it is very important in this process that we, the ntsb, be the only source
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provided to the media. part of the party process when we asked pacific gas and electric and the pipeline, the federal pipeline regulators and hazardous materials safety administration and the california public utilities commission, when we asked them to be parties, part of being parties is they will not entertain requests from the media about this accident. we are the sole source of information about this accident. if none of them are cooperating with you to give you information that is intentional. do not consider they are stonewalling you. they are complying with the party process. we want one source of information to you of what is going on in this accident investigation and this is us. let me briefly tell you what the groups are doing. the groups have started the
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outreach working with the local authorities and other information sources to get information and the survival factors group and the human factors group are actively engaged in that. i don't have any new information to give now. i won't have any information on that until this afternoon's progress meeting. i do have some information on what the operations group has discovered. today they did a lot of measuring. and this really emphasizes the magnitude of what occurred here. the crater in the street is 167 feet long by 26 feet wide. the depth is unknown because the soil is unstable at the bottom of the crater and we don't want to put anybody in there to measure. to give you a sense of it, 167 feet long by 26 feet wide. the piece of the pipe that was blown out of that hole and is
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now sitting on the street is 28 feet long. a 30-inch pipe. a 30-inch segment of the pipe 28 feet long was blown from the hole from underground, that means all the dirt was blown away and the pipe was blown away and it was blown out on to the street and it was blown a distance from the south end of the crater. the distance to where the pipe is sitting in the street is about 100 feet. it was blown quite a distance. that 28-foot segment of 30-inch pipe. we did find a longitudinal seam on the pipe. a flat piece of metal. there a longitudinal seam in the pipe contrary to an initiate announcement i made we understood this was seamless pipe. we do know that this has a longitudinal seam. we found girth wells within the
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28 feet that tells us that piece of pipe was made up of smaller segments of pipe. that opens another avenue of investigation namely to determine why that segment of pipe had sub segments, the term of that is pups, as in puppies, why did this have pups within that segment of pipes? that is one of the things as a result of the investigation today we will have to dig deeper into determining. why would there be little segments of pipe on this 28-foot piece of pipe. we do understand that the pipe was odorized, which means it has an odor in it. that, again, is part of our investigation to look into these allegations that we've heard that people were smelling this pipe and had reported smelling the pipe before this accident occurred.
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one of the things we are looking to do is to provide a source of information for people who are trying to provide and are reluctant for whatever reason to talk to the authorities. we have established a new website to which people can report. anybody who wants to report information of any type that may be pertinent to this accident, whether they have been interviewed or not, we would welcome them to provide further information to >> you are listening to christopher hart of the national transportation safety board. he is going over the very early information that crews are gathering there, federal investigators are gathering. he explained the reason pg&e is not answering some of our questions is because federal regulators have taken over this investigation so federaling a
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regulators will provide the information. he described a couple of things. the whole, that crater is 167 feet long, 26 feet wide. and they can't discover how deep it is yet because it is too dangerous to measure it. we will continue to follow this press conference. we have a reporter on the scene listening. we have an update at 5:30. in the meantime, we want to check in with craig herrera, checking in on the forecast. it was a nice day. >> plenty of sunshine. more tomorrow. show you the satellites, a couple of live shots. some sunshine tomorrow. next week everything changes. it is going to cool down. >> yet again? >> yes. probably saturday looking at rain. oakland toward san francisco. the fog bank off in the distance is thick. plenty of sunshine in the east bay valleys. upper 80s and lower 90s right
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now. gorgeous shot of downtown san jose. i will show you the satellite. there is a ridge, this is what we saw last week. a ridge of high pressure parked last week. the winds out of the north and northwest. clearing the fog out early in the morning. it is back in place. tomorrow it is not going to move very much. it stays in place. more of the wind out of the north and northwest. the fog tomorrow morning will clear out early. rather warm end to the weekend. a lot of cold air. that is going to drop over the bay area. this happens especially monday night into tuesday with a strong sea breeze in place. with some thick fog. this is not going to move. since it will stay there it will pick up moisture, by friday night, maybe showers for the north bay into saturday. rain for san francisco places
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north livermore. stay tuned for that. lots of 90s in the central valley through tomorrow. sacramento at 87. closer to game time with the a's and red sox, uv index high. sunny, mid 70s. 66 in san francisco. 88 in livermore. mid 80s for the north end of the bay. san jose 88. some of the warm spots to 90. the seven-day forecast, tomorrow maybe a little cooler at the coast. inland numbers are the same. yes, i say stay tuned for some showers in the north bay friday night and most of us getting a little bit on saturday. it is so weird. >> thanks, craig. we've got laura behnke. giants big news. >> exciting series. if you like pitchers duels, another low-scoring affair. next season they will be
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conference rivals. today the bears giving colorado a rude awakening to the pac-10. the niners s showed v vernon da the money. his record-setting extension next in sports. er
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forget the home run derby the giants put on thursday night. this series against the padres settled into exactly what we thought. a pitchers duel. the giant earned the 1-0 win last night. moving into a virtual tie with san diego. today the padres tried to return the favor. winner taking over first place in the nl west. bottom three, bum baumgartner,
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one of four k's in the game. yorvit torrealba capitalizing on the baumgartner mistake. solo shot. baumgartner that run and three hits in seven innings to the ninth, heath bell in for the save. darren ford the pinch-runner. buster posey strikes out. the throw to second gets ford to end the inning. 1-0 the padres win. the giant one game back. the a's are on the brink of becoming an elite team and the manager has one more season to get him there. they have picked up his contract for 2011 keeping him at the helm for a fifth season. oakland opens against the red sox in second place, 7 1/2 games behind the rangers. there is a reason we call this a tease. we have cal davis coming up. we will follow the
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developing story out of san bruno in two minutes. one interesting thing to come out of the press conference, authorities say the pipe that blew out of the ground may have had sub segments indicating some repair work had been done onoin past. we will have the latest on this in about two minutes. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e. baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone,


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